High Voltage, Inc. PTS-100 DC HiPot Tester

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High Voltage, Inc. PTS-100 DC HiPot Tester
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High Voltage Inc. PTS-100
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The PTS Series of DC hipots are combination high voltage DC proof testers, or hipots, and high voltage Megohmmeters. Hipoting, or leakage current measurement, and insulation resistance testing can now be performed with one instrument.

Our DC testers range from 37.5 kV to 300 kV.These products are among the most portable and affordable DC hipots available and offer features and advantages not found elsewhere
High Voltage Inc. PTS-100 Features
<ul><li>+/-1% input voltage regulator on some models</li>
<li>Anti-static glass front meters</li>
<li>Rugged and transit protected meters</li>
<li>Five range current meter with 0 – 1uA low scale</li>
<li>10 mA continuous duty output rating most models</li>
<li>Internal HV shorting solenoid with discharge resistor</li>
<li>Rugged, field proven construction</li></ul>
High Voltage Inc. PTS-100 Specs
Input: 120V, 60Hz, 10 Amps (F) 230V, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amps
Output: 0—100 kVdc, 10 mA, Negative polarity. Positive ground.
Duty: Continuous
Kilovoltmeter: 3.5”, Scaled 0-50/100 kVdc, ±2% F.S.
Currentmeter: 3.5”, Scaled 0-1.0 uAdc, ±2% F.S. with multipliers of x1, x10, x100, x1k
Case Dimensions and Weight: 14”w x 11”d x 14”h, 30lbs, 356 mm w x 279 mm d x 356 mm h, 14kg
HV Tank Dimensions and Weight: 9.5”w x 11.75”d x 14.5”h, 68lbs, 241 mm w x 298 mm d x 368 mm h, 31kg
Output Termination: 20ft. (6m) shielded EPR output cable with alligator clamp EPR cable stays flexible in cold weather
Addition Cables and Accessories: 20ft. (6m) Return lead with alligator clamp
20ft. (6m) Ground lead with alligator clamp
10ft. (3m) Input line cord
Ground stick with 20ft. (6 m) lead and clamp