High Voltage Inc. PTS-130 DC Hipot Megohmmeter, 130 kV

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High Voltage Inc. PTS-130 DC Hipot Megohmmeter
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High Voltage Inc. PTS-130
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PTS-130 Datasheet
130 kV, DC Hipot Megohmmeter
High Voltage Inc. PTS-130 Features
  • Two range voltmeter and five range current meter with a 0-1.0 μA low range with resolution to 10 nanoamperes
  • Internal HV shorting solenoid with discharge resistor
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • Insulated Return and Guard circuit to bypass stray and unwanted leakage current
  • Cable storage bin on HV tank
  • Surge and transient protection
  • External safety and zero start interlocks
  • Glass front meters eliminate static buildup
  • Continuous Duty Cycle
High Voltage Inc. PTS-130 Specs
Input (60 Hz- 50/60Hz) 120 V 15 Amps
230 V, 8 Amps
Output 0-130 kVdc, 10 mA
Polarity Negative output. Positive ground
Duty Continuous, capacitive charging
Ripple N/A capacitive load
Less than 2.5% RMS resistive load
Kilovoltmeter 0-75/150 kVdc
Control Dimensions 14w x 11d x 14h
H.V Tank Dimensions 12.5W x 12d x 18h
Tank Weight 82 lbs
Output Termination Shielded output cable with clip and boot, l20ft (6m)