High Voltage PTS-200 Portable DC Test Set

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High Voltage PTS-200 Portable DC Test Set
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High Voltage Inc. PTS-200
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PTS-200 Datasheet
The High Voltage PTS Series of DC hipot test sets provide continuously adjustable output voltages for the test and measurement of leakage current in high voltage insulation. The current meter on the PTS Series also has a Megohmmeter scale to allow for easy resistance measurements while the hipot is in operation.
High Voltage Inc. PTS-200 Features
  • Continuously adjustable output voltage
  • Fixed overload, factory set to 11 milliamperes of output current
  • "Zero Start" and External Interlock provision
  • Five-range current meter, low range 0 - 1.0 DC microamperes, readability to 20 nanoamperes
  • Dual-range voltmeter
  • 250 Meg internal bleeder resistor
  • Portable
  • Transit protected meters prevent meter damage between test sites
  • Ground hook provided for increased operator safety. Can be used to safely connect the unit and load to ground before and after test
  • Shield high voltage output cables included