High Voltage Inc. VT33 VLF Thumper

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High Voltage Inc. VT33 VLF Thumper
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High Voltage Inc. VT33
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VT33 Datasheet Brochure
With cable diagnostic testing becoming more common, the need for fault locating will rise. If a cable cannot withstand the test voltage, failure will occur, requiring fault locating. If you're in the market for a thumper, why not get one with a VLF hipot built-in to test the AC integrity of the cable following repair. The VT33 incorporates a powerful VLF hipot, a VLF Burner that rapidly reduces a faults impedance (arc-over voltage), TDR/radar capability, and continuous discharge for pinpointing the fault. Suitable for cables up to 25 kV. HVI puts all the tools needed in one box.
High Voltage Inc. VT33 Features
  • VLF cables up to 25 kV rating per IEEE 400.2, VDE DIN 0276 & CENELEC
  • 13 kV @ 760 joules impulse rating
  • VLF burn cable faults
  • TDR / radar ready
High Voltage Inc. VT33 Specs
  • VLF Output: 0 - 33 kVac peak @ 0.1 Hz
  • Load Rating: 1.0 μF. Can test from 1.5 to 2 miles of typical 15 kV or 25 kV cable
  • Cap. Discharge: 0 - 13 kV @ 760 joules every 8 secs
  • Radar Ready: Internal arc reflection filter
  • Input: 120V, 60 Hz, 10A or 220V, 50/60 Hz, 5A
  • Size & weight: 28"w x 26"d x 44"h, 245 lbs; 711 mm w x 660 mm d x 1118 mm h, 111 kg
  • Output Cables: 50' (15 m) of shielded HV output & ground cable
High Voltage Inc. VT33 Applications
  • VLF test cables per IEEE400.2
  • Pre-locate faults with Arc Reflection TDR
  • Pinpoint faults with continuous discharge
  • Verify cable integrity after repair
  • Use as a voltage source for VLF Tan Delta and Partial Discharge testing.