Hilo-Test CAR-TE 14 Transient Emission Generator

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The Hilo-Test CAR-TE 14 Transient Emission Generator is used to check the transient transition behavior when switching loads on the vehicle electrical system. Hilo-Test CAR-Transient Emission 14 units consists of two triggerable circuit breakers (electronically or mechanically), an artificial network, a control unit for operating the device, and optionally an external power supply. The CAR-Transient Emission 14 can perform Transient Emission Tests for slow pulses and fast pulses according to ISO 7637-2. Hilo-Test CAR-TE 14 instruments are designed with a microprocessor-controlled 7" touch screen display unit that permits an easy operation of the generator. The software program CAR-remote permits the PC control of the CAR-TE 14 generator via Ethernet and allows the standardized documentation according to IEC 17025 and the evaluation of test results. The device can be operated individually or in conjunction with the Hilo-Test CAR Test System and can be controlled by the PC Remote software. Hilo-Test CAR-TE 14 systems are characterized by their compact design and easy operation.