Hioki LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station

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The Hioki LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station has been replaced by newer models.

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The Hioki LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station captures data from remotely installed logging modules wirelessly. Two types of logging modules provide measurement and recording capabilities for voltage, temperature, resistance, and humidity data. Each station can control up to seven logging modules (for a total of 105 channels), and data is logged using a high-speed sampling process that scans all channels every 100 ms. Wireless technology makes it possible to log over 100 channels of data in applications where it would be difficult to use a conventional logger, such as high locations where wiring would be difficult or inside secured control panels. Since the logging modules can be placed right next to the system to be measured, long wires and connection complexities are minimized. The new LR8410-20 dramatically expands the potential of the multi-channel logger.