Hitachi V1100A Quad Channel Oscilloscope

Hitachi V1100A 100 MHz Quad Channel Oscilloscope
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  • 4 Channels
  • 8 Trace
  • Delayed Sweep
  • CRT Readout
  • Digital Measurement


CRT Readout Function
Direct Measurement through CH 1 input ACV RMS, ACV Relative, DCV Deflection, Frequency Counter
Cursor Measurement Ground reference voltage, Voltage difference, Voltage difference ratio, Time difference, Phase difference, Frequency
Ground reference display GND level for CH 1 and CH 2 displayed with waveforms
Setting Conditions Display Vertical Deflection: Scale Value for CH1 and CH2, 10:1 probe display
Horizontal Deflection: Scale Value for time base A and B, UNCAL, MAG
Other: A and B trigger source, X - Y, Delay Time
User- Defined Comment Display 1 line up to 30 characters
Vertical Deflection
Sensitivity CH 1 and CH 2: 5 mV/div to 5 V/div (1 mV/div , 2mV/div when using magnifier)
CH 3 and CH 4: 0.1 V/div, 0.5 V/div
Bandwidth DC to 100 MHz, DC to 15 MHz when using x5 magnifier
Rise Time 3.5 ns
Input Coupling CH 1 and CH 2: AC, GND, DC
CH 3 and CH 4: AC, DC
Input Impedance 1 Mohm approximately 28 pF
Display Mode CH 1, CH 2 (normal or invert). ALT. CHOP, ADD (CH 1 and CH 2), QUAD (ALT, CHOP)
X - Y Operation (CH 1: X-axis, CH 2: Y-axis)
Sensitivity 5 mV/div to 5 V/div
1 mV/div, 2 mV/div when using x 5 magnifier
Bandwidth DC to 2 MHz
Horizontal Deflection
A Sweep Time Range 20 ns/div to 0.5 s/div
2 ns/div to 10 ns/div when using x10 amplifier
B Sweep Time Range 20 ns/div to 50 ms/div
2 ns/div to 10 ns/div when using x10 amplifier
Display Mode A, INTEN ( A intensified by B), ALT ( A intensified by B and B), B.