Horiba U-50 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter Series

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The Horiba U-50 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter Series can measure and display 11 parameters simultaneously. This is possible through its newly designed control unit and sensor technology. The Horiba U-50 contains intuitive software that assures ease of use and operation efficiency. The user experiences the durability and performance of the instrument when field testing involving groundwater and surface water applications. The backlight display allows for taking measurements in the dark. With the sensor probe lowered and submersed at an intake, 10,000 data sets can be stored in the control unit and transferred to a PC.

With a rugged outdoor design, the Horiba U-50 is a reliable and sturdy product that comes with a control unit. This control unit features an LCD display, USB connectivity, shock resistant cover, and backlight display while showing battery power and GSP. The sensor probe unit has an ultra-sensitive turbidity sensor and is constructed with chemical resistant materials. This meter can instantaneously monitor, collect, and store data while moving the submersed sensor probe unit. The waterproof design allows the user to work without concern of splashing or accidentally dropping the control unit in the water.

The Horiba U-50 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter Series includes the Horiba U-52 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter