Hughes MCW550 DC Microcircuit Welder

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Hughes MCW550 DC Microcircuit Welder
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Hughes MCW550
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The Hughes MCW550 constant voltage power supply is the heart of an entire family of precision bonding systems. With this efficient energy source, the DC current pulse is dynamically controlled during the discharge period to maintain a constant preset voltage across the electrodes. This is accomplished through an active feedback circuit that constantly monitors the weldment and signals the need for increased or reduced weld current. Current density is thus consistent, even though the size of the materials may vary. It is important to note consistency and operating range of both current output and length of pulse compared to those of other equipment.
Hughes MCW550 Features
  • Weld parallel gap, opposed or offset
  • Braze connector leads, relay blades
  • Bond thin film, thick film
  • Reflow solder flat pack (single or multiple lead), discrete components