Hypatia 309 Milliohms Meter

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Hypatia 309 Milliohmmeters Meter
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Hypatia 309 Milliohmmeters Meter Hypatia 309 Milliohmmeters Meter
Hypatia 309
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The Hypatia 309 High Current Sourcing Milliohms Meter provides efficient and accurate stress based testing of safety ground systems to insure that they meet certain performance standards of safety certification agencies such as UL, ETL, TUV, CSA, VDE, BABT and others. It utilizes probes with built-in remote sensing or, for multi-point testing or the highest precision measurements, auxiliary Kelvin sense probes. In addition to ground impedance measurements, it can provide and accurately monitor the high currents necessary to test ground system endurance as is required for ground guards on etched circuit boards or in power transformers or other components.
Hypatia 309 Specs
Impedance Measurement (true rms based) Accuracy: ±1% of reading
Range: 0 to 100 ohms
True RMS Digital Current Measurement Accuracy: ±1% of reading ±4 mA
Range: 0 to 144 Amps rms
True RMS Bar Graph Current Measurement Accuracy: ±1%, ±4 mA
Range: 2.5 to 77.5 Amps rms (0 to 2.5 Amps implied)
Duty Cycle Continuous to 35 Amps. Derate linearly to 50% at 60 Amps
Input Power 90 to 132 Vrms, 3.0 Amps maximum
Temperature Range 5 to 40 °C
Network Slot Cards Multi-mode serial standard, which includes: AppleTalk, LocalTalk, EIA-422, EIA-232-E (aka RS-232), and EIA-485