Ideal 61-807 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer

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Rent Ideal 61-807 Power Quality Analyzer
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Ideal Industries 61-807
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The Ideal 61-807 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer is a valuable tool to reduce energy cost, and troubleshoot electrical equipment and distribution systems. The 61-807 analyzer can be used on a variety of electrical systems, including: 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single-phase, split phase, and on power distribution using the two wattmeter method of power calculation (3PT, 2CT).
Ideal Industries 61-807 Features
  • Revenue meter accuracy in a portable recording power meter
  • Backlight
  • Auto-detect clamps
  • Measures kilowatt hours, active, real, and reactive power, power factor, and demand
  • Single or three-phase measurements
  • True RMS
  • Measures Harmonic Distortion (THD, RMS, Waveform, FFT) on voltage and current to the 50th
  • Records continuous current, energy, and power consumption to calculate costs
  • Min/max/avg
  • PowerVision Software
  • Measures sub-meter loads used to determine available circuit capacity
  • Complete with (3) 1000 amp phase clamps and (1) 100 amp neutral clamp
  • Easy-to-use push button operation
  • Password protected on-screen setup
  • RS-232 interface
  • Customized data collection