IFI SMCC200 Solid State Amplifier

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The IFI SMCC200 Solid State Amplifier is an RF amplifier offering 200 watts / min. of rated power, 160 watts / min. of P1dB power and 53 dB / min. of gain. IFI SMCC RF amplifiers are built to operate below maximum ratings for long term reliability, equipped with sixth-generation LDMOS Transistors which provide consistent brute-power performance at frequencies up to 1000 MHz. IFI’s innovative SMCC power amplifiers are specifically designed for laboratory and testing applications. Additionally, this RF amplifier is designed to operate below maximum ratings for ruggedness and long term reliability. The GPIB IEEE 488 interface and RS232 Remote Control allow for remote operation of your SMCC device. With VSWR Reflected Power Protection, the unit operates without damage or oscillation into any magnitude of phase or load impedance. Internal systems diagnostics and status indicators communicate any issues with the unit to technicians. The SMCC Series features heavy-duty individually shielded aluminum housings at the module level. This concept of a aluminum shielded modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage. From the ground up, SMCC Series products are structurally engineered to withstand operation in mechanically hostile environments.

The IFI SMCC200 Solid State Amplifier is the sixth model in the IFI SMCC Solid State Amplifier Series.