IFI T4026-40 RF TWT Amplifier

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The IFI T4026-40 RF TWT Amplifier is a medium to high power amplifying instrument which supplies 40 watts/min. of rated power, 20 watts/min. of P1dB power and 46 dB/min. of gain. The IFI T4026-40 model demonstrates excellence in RF performance, their signature Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT) allowing for an uber-wide frequency range of 26.5 – 40.0 GHz. The IFI T4026-40 is sleekly designed, incorporating the latest features concerning control and monitoring. This innovative amplifier has field-proven reliability and a long record of excellence in the industry. 

For computer automation, both an RS-232 and IEEE-4888 interface are included. To meet individual application needs, the T4206 amplifiers can be easily customized with harmonic filters or other options. The IFI T4026-40 has a backlit LCD screen shows forward/reverse power indication, system status, and self-diagnostic information. All the amplifier operating parameters are simultaneously available in the amplifier front panel display, as well as over the remote bus, and election switches allow you to switch the amplifier to the desired mode of operation for local control if the unit is not being operated remotely.

The IFI T4026-40 RF TWT Amplifier is the third model in the IFI T4026 Millimeter RF TWT Amplifier Series.