IFR 1900 CSA UWC-136 Digital PCS Radio Test Set

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IFR 1900 CSA UWC-136 Digital PCS Radio Test Set
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IFR 1900
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1900 Datasheet
The IFR / Aeroflex 1900 CSA is an all in one PCS solution for dual band/dual mode and base station equipment.
IFR 1900 Features
  • The industry accepted simulator for TIA/EIA-136 conformance testing
  • Tri-Band, 400-800 MHz and 1900 MHz PCS test capable
  • Comprehensive TIA/EIA-136 conformance testing
  • Analog and Digital conformance test option
  • TIA/EIA 136 hyperband hand-off
  • Fully automated remote testing ability with RS-232 or IEEE-488 (GPIB) interfaces
  • Intuitive test setup screens for easy "Guided" user testing
  • VSELP and ACELP vocoder functions allow verification of voice quality
  • Full featured 2 GHz service monitor with spectrum analyzer and tracking generator
  • Standard constellation IQ display for quick assessment of digital mobile or base station transmitter modulation