IFR 2959 Advanced Multi-Mode Cellular Test Set

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The IFR 2959 advanced multi-mode cellular test set is a high quality instrument for comprehensive testing of AMPS, NAMPS, and TDMA (IS-54 and IS-136) phones and handsets operating within the 800 MHz band. CDPD wireless modem tests are also supported. The instrument simulates a cell site as it 1) makes measurements on a phone's transmitter emissions, 2) injects calibrated signals into the phone's receiver and 3) assesses the signaling behavior of the phone.

The voice quality of digital TDMA phones can be assessed with the 2959 VSELP and ACELP vocoders. The 2959 allows sufficient control testing scenarios and test conditions so faulty phones and modems can be separated from fully functioning ones with whatever speed and resolution the operator requires.