Innoscopes IRIS DM-S7 Digital Microscope

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The Innoscopes IRIS DM-S7 Digital Microscope offers 60X zoom, a 5.5" working distance and a 10" touchscreen. Innoscopes DM-S7 microscopes allow for image capturing without a computer, allowing the user to display magnified images or video on a 10.1" touchscreen monitor at 60 frames per second. This simplifies viewing and inspection, cuts down on neck and eye strain and allows for joint inspection with others. The IRIS DM‐S7 is ideal for first article inspections, all electronic printed circuit board inspections, CNC industrial applications, medical, and aerospace applications. Taking still images is simple, and saving, transferring and sharing image files is quick and easy with the included 8 GB USB thumb drive. Additionally, with an HDMI splitter (not included) a secondary monitor may be added for group viewing. Will work with most TV screens or monitors with HDMI input.