Inspectis F30/F30S Full HD Digital Microscope

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The Inspectis F30/F30S Full HD Digital Microscope is a turn-key digital inspection system with superior optics, high magnification, a wide zoom range and full-HD image quality. Inspectis F30/F30S models' high resolution optics and 1.9 – 56x magnification range (24”monitor) are comparable to common inspection microscopes. If further magnification is needed, a wide range of +1, +2, +3, +5 and +10 diopter Macro Lenses can be added to magnify up to 170x. The F30/F30S also features an LED Matrix light with gooseneck. The light contains 18 ultra-bright white LED lamps and is optimized for the illumination of large and shiny surfaces like electronics, PCBs and metal parts.