Instron 2530 Series Static Load Cells

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The Instron 2530 Series Static Load Cells are specifically designed with materials testing applications in mind. Automatic transducer recognition and electrical calibration make these load cells easy to use. These load cells incorporate overload protection and can withstand loads up to 150% of their force capacity without damage and 300% without mechanical failure. The Instrom 2530 Series allows the user to zero out the tare weight of a grip or fixture that weighs up to 40% of the force capacity, while still maintaining the full specified accuracy.

Each Instron 2530 Series load cell is individually temperature-compensated and tested for accuracy and repeatability. The load cells have a calibration apparatus traceable to international standards, with a measurement uncertainty that does not exceed one-third of the permissible error of the load cell. These cells are designed to operate in tension, compression, cyclic and reverse stress. They have a wide measurement range allowing accurate force measurements to be made down to 1/500th of the load cell capacity, reducing the need to change load cells.

The Instron 2530 Series Static Load Cells include the Instron 2530-10N Static Load Cell.