Instron 6800 Series Force Testers

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The Instron 6800 Series Universal Testing Machines range in capacity from 500 N to 50 kN and provide next-generation capabilities to perform up to 5 kHz data acquisition and 0.5% accuracy down to 1/1000th of load cell capacity. Each model in the 6800 Series guarantees superior performance for application-based force tests such as tensile, compression, flex, peel, puncture, and friction. The force testers are built for durability and feature pre-loaded bearings, precision ball screws, a thick crosshead, base beam, and additional low-stretch drive belts.

Constructed upon Instron's patent-pending Operator Protect architecture, the 6800 Series is capable of keeping equipment and operators safer by controlling the system status from setup to testing completion. The 6800 Series can expand to include Digital Input/Output Channels and up to 11 Sensor Conditioning Modules to ensure compatibility with advanced accessories and external devices.

The Instron 6800 series includes the 6800 single column series and the 6800 dual-column table model series.