IFI M406 CW RF Amplifier 10 kHz - 220 MHz, 1000W

Rent IFI M406 CW RF Amplifier 10 kHz - 220 MHz, 1000W
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Instruments for Industry (IFI) M406
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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries IFI's M406 RF Amplifier and related test equipment peripherals.



  • Digital Display Monitors: Power Supply Currents, Voltage, Forward RF Power, Reflected RF Power,(Optional on all models)Total Hours, Operate Hours
  • Status Indicators: Power On, Standby, Operate
  • Faults: Overcurrent, VSWR Overload, Thermal Overloads, Air Flow
  • Controls: Power On/Off, Standby, Operate, Fault Reset, Local/Remote
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Designed to meet the safety requirements of the IEC-348 and Underwriters Labratory of American Standards
  • Broadband Coverage
  • Applications Include: MIL-STD-461/462, RTCA/DO-160, SAE Specifications, Radiated Susceptibility, Bellcore testing, Broadband Communications
  • Ruggedized Versions are available for Shipboard and Airborne applications


Frequency Range 0.01 MHz - 220 MHz
Min Pwr Out 1000 Watts
Min Sat Gain 60 dB