IFI SMCC Solid State Amplifier Series

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Rent IFI SMCC Series Solid State Amplifiers 200 MHz – 1000 MHz
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Instruments for Industry (IFI) SMCC
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SMCC Datasheet
The IFI SMCC Solid State Amplifier provides exceptional RF performance, ranging in power from 10 to 3000 watts / min. in the 200 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range. IFI SMCC RF amplifiers are built to operate below maximum ratings for long term reliability, equipped with sixth-generation LDMOS Transistors which provide consistent brute-power performance at frequencies up to 1000 MHz. IFI’s innovative SMCC power amplifiers are specifically designed for laboratory and testing applications. A GPIB IEEE 488 interface and RS232 Remote Control allow for remote operation of your SMCC device, and with VSWR Reflected Power Protection, the unit operates without damage or oscillation occurring to any magnitude of phase or load impedance. Internal systems diagnostics and status indicators will communicate any issues with the unit to technicians. The SMCC Series features heavy-duty individually shielded aluminum housings at the module level. This concept of a shielded modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage. From the ground up, SMCC Series products are structurally engineered to withstand operation in mechanically hostile environments; ruggedized versions are available for applications that will be exposed to very harsh conditions.

The IFI SMCC Solid State Amplifier Series includes the following models: the SMCC10, SMCC25, SMCC50, SMCC100, SMCC150, SMCC200, SMCC250, SMCC350, SMCC500, SMCC750, SMCC1000, SMCC2000, SMCC2500, and the SMCC3000.
Instruments for Industry (IFI) SMCC Features
  • VSWR Reflected Power Protection, the unit operates without damage or oscillation into any magnitude of phase or load impedance, Open and Short Circuit Protection.
  • GPIB IEEE 488 and RS232 Remote Control
  • RF Sample Port on the Front Panel, 112R for rear panel
  • Internal Pre-amplification to obtain rated output power with an input level of 0 dBm or less.
  • Gain Control Local and Remote, 30 dB range
  • RF Input/Output Connectors on the Front Panel, 118R for rear panel
  • Internal Systems Diagnostics and Status Indicators
  • Total/Operate Elapsed Time Metering in hours
  • RF Safety Interlock
  • Forward/Reflected Power Indication simultaneously on Front Panel display
Instruments for Industry (IFI) SMCC Specs
Model Number Frequency Range
Rated Power
(watts min.)
P1dB Power
(watts min.)
(dB min.)
SMCC10 200 MHz - 1000 MHz 10 10 40
SMCC25 " 25 25 44
SMCC50 " 50 50 47
SMCC100 " 100 80 50
SMCC150 " 150 120 52
SMCC200 " 200 160 53
SMCC250 " 250 200 54
SMCC350 " 350 250 56
SMCC500 " 500 350 57
SMCC750 " 600 600 58
SMCC1000 " 1000 800 60
SMCC2000 " 2000 1500 63
SMCC2500 " 2500 1800 64
SMCC3000 " 3000 2500 65
  • Option 110-1E: GPIB IEEE-488 RS232 and Ethernet Remote Control
  • Option 110-2: GPIB IEEE-488 and RS 422 Remote Control
  • Option 110-3: GPIB IEEE-488 and RS 485 Remote Control
  • Option 113: Chassis slides for a 19" rack mounting
  • Option 118A: RF Input On Front, Output On Rear
  • Option 118B: RF Input On Rear, Output On Front