IFI SMX500 Solid State Amplifier 10 MHz - 1 GHz, 500 W

Rent IFI SMX500 Solid State Amplifier 10 MHz - 1 GHz, 500 W
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Instruments for Industry (IFI) SMX500
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Instruments for Industry, SMX-series Amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance. These products are available in a wide range of power levels from 10 watts to 1000 watts in the 10 kHz – 1000 MHz frequency range. These state-of-the-art solid-state power amplifiers are specifically designed for laboratory and all testing applications.

The IFI SMX500 RF Solid State Amplifier 10 MHz - 1 GHz is very conservatively designed to operate below maximum ratings for ruggedness and long term reliability. Sixth generation LDMOS Transistors provide reliable brute-power performance at frequencies up to 1000 MHz.

The RF power amplifiers feature individually shielded aluminum assemblies for the module level. This concept of a shielded modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage and provides easy access for field service and rapid turnaround at depot level repair facilities.

From the ground up, the “SMX-SERIES” products are structurally engineered to withstand operation in mechanically hostile environments. Ruggedized versions are available for applications that will be exposed to very harsh environments.

IFI SMX500 Features:

  • Solid State Design
  • Rugged C onstruction & High Reliability
  • Instantaneous Broadband Frequency range
  • Backlit screen
  • Modular Design Construction
  • Integrated Force Air Cooling
  • Self - diagnostic circuitry
  • IEEE - 488 interface & RS232 Remote

IFI SMX500 Specifications:

Frequency Range (MHz): 10-1000 MHz
Rated Power (Watts) Minimum: 500 W
P1dB Watts Minimum: 400 W
Gain (dB) Minimum: 57 dB
KVA: 4.0 KVA