IFI T2618-40 Millimeter TWT Amplifier

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IFI T2618-40 Millimeter TWT Amplifier
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Instruments for Industry (IFI) T2618-40
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T2618-40 Datasheet
The IFI T2618-40 Millimeter TWT Amplifier is a sophisticated traveling wave tube (TWT) amplification device that generates 40 W of rated power and operates at a frequency range of 18 - 26.5 GHz. Wielding a P1dB power of 20 W/min. and a minimum gain of 46 dB/min., the IFI T2618-40 features Instruments for Industry's signature accessible interface and modular design while providing full RF and hardware protection systems. VSWR and over-current / voltage protection is built in, and redundant thermal and airflow sensors prevent overheating. For connecting to your PC, an RS-232 and IEEE-48 interface is built in. The IFI T2618-40 displays diagnostic information, forward and reverse power indication, system status and more on a backlit LCD screen. Technicians rent these devices to fulfill standards like MIL-STD-461 RI for industries like aerospace and defense.
Instruments for Industry (IFI) T2618-40 Features
  • VSWR power protection allows the unit to operate without oscillation or damage
  • Records beam/filament elapsed time in hours
  • Features RF safetylock
  • Reflected and forward power displayed simultaneously on the front panel
  • RF Sample Port on the Front Panel, 112R for rear panel
  • Pre-amplification obtains rated output power internally with an input level of 0 dBm or less
  • Generators status indicators and internal diagnostics
  • Remote control, RS232  & GPIB IEEE 488 interface
Instruments for Industry (IFI) T2618-40 Specs
Frequency Range 18 GHz - 26.5 GHz
Min. Power Output 40
Min. Sat. Gain 46
Max. NF 40
Spurious Outputs -40 dBc, maximum
-50 dBc, available
Input Impedance 50 ohms, VSWR 2.0:1
Output Impedance 50 ohms, VSWR 2.0:1
2.5:1 maximum
Input Connector Type K (Female) Waveguide is optional (please consult with your sales representative for availability)
Output Connector 18.0 to 26.5 GHz, WR42 25.5 to 40.0, WR28 Other waveguides optional (please consult with your sales representative for availability)
  • Option 103 G/D: VSWR Reflected Power Protection “Graceful Degradation Feature” which reduces input drive and folds back output power when the average reflected power exceeds a preset limit of 3.0:1
  • Option 110-1E: GPIB IEEE-488 RS232 and Ethernet Remote Control
  • Option 110-2: GPIB IEEE-488 and RS 422 Remote Control
  • Option 110-3: GPIB IEEE-488 and RS 485 Remote Control
  • Option 113: Chassis Slides for 19” Rack Mounting
  • Option 118F or R: Front Panel RF Connections 118R for Rear Panel RF Connections
  • Option 123F or R: Reflected RF Sample Port -40, -50 or -60 dB N or SMA, Front or Rear Panel