Intelligent RF IR3200 Yagi High-Q Tunable Antenna

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Rent Intelligent RF IR3200 Yagi High-Q Tunable Antenna
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Intelligent RF IR3200
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The Intelligent RF IR3200 Yagi High-Q Tunable Antenna has very high efficiency, wide beamwidth and excellent harmonic rejection that will make RF susceptibility testing to the specifications of MIL-STD-461F a breeze. The IR3200 tunable antenna system allows precise control of all the element lengths. This allows very broad frequency coverage with a single antenna while maintaining ideal performance characteristics.

This technology is especially useful in the case of Yagi antennas because they are essentially single frequency devices. The ability to automatically adjust the antenna also allows operation in less than ideal locations such as EMI chambers where room effects seriously detune antennas in the 30MHz to 200MHz range.

The basic antenna element consists of two reels of perforated copper tape that are driven by a microprocessor controlled stepper motor, which allows very precise control of the copper tape element. Power is delivered to each copper tape via a specially designed mechanical brush that is rated for 3KW to 100% duty cycle.

The IR3200 incorporates a patented fold-back technique that reduces the size of the antenna by 40% while decreasing by only 0.3 dB. This unique element design also keeps the high voltages at the tips away from structural surfaces, thus minimizing E-Field pattern distortion and maintaining a very high return loss.
Intelligent RF IR3200 Features
  • High RF power to E-Field conversion efficiency
  • High-Q design dramatically reduces harmonic radiation
  • Presents a uniform load to driving power source
  • Wide beamwidth requires fewer test antenna locations
  • Compatible with most computer test software
  • Patented fold-back element design allows nearly full-size performance in rooms with as little as 10 foot ceiling heights
  • Optional non-destructive antenna stand with 90° tilt and adjustment for multiple testing procedures available
Intelligent RF IR3200 Specs
  • Power Handling Capacity: 2000 watts continuous CW input
  • Frequency Range: 30MHz - 200MHz
  • Return Loss: 6dB minimum (15dB typical)
  • Harmonic Attenuation: Second harmonic reduced by 25dB (typical)
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms normal
  • Power Required to Generate 200V/m @ 1m E-Field:
    • 1000 watts typical
    • 2000 watts maximum
  • Connectors: Type N Female
  • Physical Size/Weight: 37 in W x 110 in H; 26 lb