Intepro Systems ELR 9000 Electronic DC Loads with Energy Recovery

Rent Intepro Systems ELR 9000 Electronic DC Loads with Energy Recovery 1000V, 30A
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Intepro Systems ELR 9000
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ELR 9000 Datasheet
The new series of electronic DC loads with energy recovery to mains, called ELR 9000, offers new voltage, current and power ratings for a multitude of applications. These devices incorporate the four common regulation modes constant voltage, constant current, constant power and constant resistance. The FPGA based control circuit provides additional features like a function generator, a table based regulation circuit for the simulation of non-linear internal resistances. The energy recovery function converts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local or public grid. This eliminates the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs at the same time.

The large LCD touch panel offers a modern and intuitive user interface. The ELR offers four operating modes, Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), Constant Power (CP) and Constant Resistance (CR). Response times for the control via analog or digital interfaces have been improved by the DSP controlled hardware. In parallel operation of multiple devices, a master-slave bus is used to connect the chassis to a create high power system where the actual values are totalled and the set values distributed.
Intepro Systems ELR 9000 Features
  • Energy recovery of the supplied DC energy into the local or public grid
  • Galvanically isolated DC input
  • Input power ratings up to 10.5 kW per chassis
  • Expandable to 105 kW or more
  • Input voltages up to 1500 V
  • Input currents up to 510 A per chassis
  • FPGA/DSP based digital control
  • Multilingual TFT touch panel
  • User profiles, true function generator
  • Analog interface and USB interface built-in
  • Master-slave bus for parallel connection
  • Extra USB port on the front for USB stick
  • Optional, digital, plug & play interfaces or alternatively installed IEEE/GPIB port
  • SCPI command language supported
Intepro Systems ELR 9000 Specs
Model Power Voltage Current Resistance Efficiency
ELR 9080-170 0-3kW (208V)
0-3.5kW (400V)
0...80 V 0...170 A 0.01...12 Ω 92.5%
ELR 9250-70 0-3kW (208V)
0-3.5kW (400V)
0...250 V 0...70 A 0.09...120 Ω 93.5%
ELR 9500-30 0-3kW (208V)
0-3.5kW (400V)
0...500 V 0...30 A 0.42...480 Ω 94.5%
ELR 9750-22 0-3kW (208V)
0-3.5kW (400V)
0...750 V 0...22 A 0.8...1100 Ω 94.5%
ELR 9080-340 0-6kW (208V)
0-7kW (400V)
0...80 V 0...340 A 0.005...6 Ω 92.5%
ELR 9250-140 0-6kW (208V)
0-7kW (400V)
0...250 V 0...140 A 0.04...60 Ω 93.5%
ELR 9750-44 0-6kW (208V)
0-7kW (400V)
0...750 V 0...44 A 0.43...550 Ω 94.5%
ELR 91000-30 0-6kW (208V)
0-7kW (400V)
0...1000 V 0...30 A 0.83...950 Ω 94.5%
ELR 9080-510 0-9kW (208V)
0-10.5kW (400V)
0...80 V 0...510 A 0.003...4 Ω 92.5%
ELR 9250-210 0-9kW (208V)
0-10.5kW (400V)
0...250 V 0...210 A 0.03...40 Ω 93.5%
ELR 9500-90 0-9kW (208V)
0-10.5kW (400V)
0...500 V 0...90 A 0.14...160 Ω 94.5%
ELR 9750-66 0-9kW (208V)
0-10.5kW (400V)
0...750 V 0...66 A 0.29...360 Ω 94.5%
ELR 91500-30 0-9kW (208V)
0-10.5kW (400V)
0...1500 V 0...30 A 1.2...1450 Ω 94.5%
Intepro Systems ELR 9000 Applications
  • For laboratory usage in R&D and industry, where low-noise and low-heat dissipation is valued.
  • Automated load test benches and burn-in rooms with critical temperature conditions.
  • Programmable and sequenced burn-in testing and aging simulation of DC sources (power supplies) such as battery chargers, telecom power supplies, industrial and laboratory power supplies, open-frame/built-in power supplies.
  • Partial, nominal and overload testing of DC sources such as PV modules (solar arrays), car and truck alternators, electric vehicle motors (operating in generator mode).
  • Discharging of all types of electro chemical storage sources (batteries) such as Lithium, lead, NiCd, NiMH as well as fuel cells.