IRD 818 Fast Track Data Collector & Analyzer

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IRD 818 Fast Track Data Collector & Analyzer
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IRD 818
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The ID Fast Track/FS is a full spectrum, portable data collector and analyzer which can be used with PMpower software. You can load routes into the data collector, collect data, and unload the data into a computer database. This unit can be used with the IRD 890. It also includes Spike Energy (gSE) Spectrum capability for demodulating vibration signals and detecting incipient microscope flaws in bearings and gear elements. These advanced features, coupled with the auxiliary startup/coastdown analysis program and the optional balancing module, provide a complete set of vibration and detection and analysis tools in one instrument.
IRD 818 Features
  • Large display, 5.0 x 2.8 inch viewing area
  • User-friendly menus and help selections
  • 12 selectable amplitude ranges (72 dB per range) with autoranging feature and low noise electronics for low-level measurements and maximum dynamic range
  • Calibrated to national standards (NIST)
  • 35 selectable-frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 25 kHz provide full frequency range capability
  • wake-up feature for automatic data collection
  • Continuous display update of frequency spectrum (FFT), time waveform, and phase information
  • Auxiliary startup/coastdown program to positively identify resonant and critical frequencies.
  • User selectable low-frequency mode to accurately collect machine data down to 21 CPM