IRD 880 Portable Vibration Analyzer/Balancer

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IRD 880 Portable Vibration Analyzer/Balancer
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IRD 880
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Manual 880 Datasheet

The IRD Model 880 Spectrum Analyzer/Dynamic Balancer is a portable instrument designed for industrial use in detecting and resolving machinery vibration problems. Using the Model 880, an operator can perform many analysis techniques that are essential to obtain comprehensive vibration data. Also, precision in-place balancing can be performed using the single plane or two plane method.

Pressing a single switch generates a completely annotated hard-copy frequency spectrum from 600-600,000 cpm in only 25 seconds. You can also obtain low frequency measurements down to 60 cpm. A single sensor measures machinery vibration in displacement, velocity, acceleration, and Spike Energy™ units.

IRD 880 Features
  • Digital amplitude or frequency display provides a high precision readout for balancing and analysis
  • Analog amplitude and frequency meters supplement the digital displays and aid in analyzing unsteady signals
  • Automatic tabular listing of spectrum frequency peaks and amplitudes
  • Chart speed selector with three time-plot speeds records short transients and slowly changing vibration over a number of hours
  • Automatic "order" indication of the spectrum frequency peaks to show harmonic relationships of frequency peaks to rpm
  • Diagnostic capability includes hard-copy tabular readout of the most likely causes of vibration
  • Prints out AVERAGE, MINIMUM, and MAXIMUM overall values tor both spectrum and amplitude vs. time plots
  • Event marking feature prints a short vertical line to indicate the precise time of events on amplitude vs. time plots