IRD 890 Vibration Data Collector/Analyzer

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IRD 890 Vibration Data Analyzer
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IRD 890 Vibration Data Analyzer IRD 890 Vibration Data Analyzer
IRD 890
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Mechanical Machinery Analyzer & Data Collector
IRD 890 Features
  • User-friendly menus and help selections
  • Records displacement velocity, acceleration and Spike Energy (bearing condition) with a single transducer
  • 34 selectable-frequency ranges from 25 Hz (1,500 cpm) to 25 kHz (1,500,000 cpm)
  • 12 selectable amplitude ranges (72 dB per range) with autoranging feature
  • Rugged sealed case with heavy-duty cables and sensors
  • FFT amplitude magnification, frequency zoom, cursor, gird, multiple orders, selectable averaging, units and ranging for easy setup flexibility and frequency identification
  • Wakeup feature for automatic data collection at specified intervals to monitor changes
  • This unit can be used with the IRD Fast Track