James Instruments Rebarscope Advanced System For Rebar Location and Bar Size Determination

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The James Instruments Rebarscope Advanced System is a 8" depth rebarscope with a 4.5" rebar measurement size. James Instruments Rebarscopes are ideal for finding the location, depth, and size of steel reinforcement bars, post tension cables, copper and conduit in concrete brick, masonry or other non-metallic construction materials. The James Instruments Rebarscope rebar locator is capable of locating non-ferrous metals as well such as copper, aluminum, some stainless steels, wire, and more. The eddy current sensor is specifically designed to react to the outer surface of the metal object. It is uninfluenced by small metal particles in the concrete, whether the concrete is fresh or hardened, wet, or dry. The sensor has also been designed with temperature compensation circuitry as well; this improves accuracy and performance and allows the operator to use the equipment without a "zero" procedure first.