James Instruments WP-1000 PSI Concrete Strength Tester

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The James Instruments WP-1000 PSI Concrete Strength Tester does not require great skill to use and consistent results can be obtained by construction site supervisory staff or field technicians. This system has widespread use in testing concrete in-situ, on conventionally placed, sprayed or precast concrete; on horizontal or vertical slabs; on floors or overhead; on fresh or mature concrete. The James Instruments WP-1000 is safe to use as the driver cannot be discharged unless it is fully depressed with some force against the actuating template which rests against the surface being examined.

The James Instruments WP-1000 PSI Concrete Strength Tester has two power settings available, low and standard power. The low power is used where concrete strength is less than 3000 psi (19.4 MPa). Standard power is for any strengths above that and can be used for high performance concrete with strength up to 17000 psi (110 MPa). The James Instruments WP-1000's probes are made of a high strength alloy, specially heat treated and annealed to achieve a hardness of Rockwell C 48. Special machining of each probe eliminates stress concentrations.