NGC-4500 Certifier40G Copper Cable Certifier

Rent JDSU NGC-4500 Certifier40G Copper Cable Certifier
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Viavi Solutions NGC-4500
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With its market-leading 9 second CAT-6A certification time per cable, the JDSU NGC-4500 Certifier40G Cable Certifier saves users 30 minutes each time they test 150 CAT-6A cables (compared to current solutions) and optimizes installer productivity.

The revolutionary Touch2 design, with an intuitive touch screen at both ends, makes using the Certifier40G the easiest cable tester ever. A full screen at both ends minimizes the walking time for users in the field by initiating, viewing, and storing tests from either side of a link or channel. Unlike legacy testers, dual-ended fiber tests let installers at each test end quickly determine the problem cable. Minimize time spent transferring results off the tester with the capacity to store more than 2,000 full CAT-6A graph results.
Viavi Solutions NGC-4500 Features
  • Revolutionary large touch screen at both test ends reduces walking time
  • Future-proof 2000 MHz test frequencies
  • Fastest CAT-6A/Class-FA and Tier I Fiber Pass/Fail test
  • Level-IV accuracy over the full Class-FA spectrum
  • Integrated planning software
  • Optional integrated fiber end-face inspection
Viavi Solutions NGC-4500 Standards
ISO 11801
EN 50173