Julabo FL11006 Recirculating Cooler

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The Julabo FL11006 Recirculating Cooler is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly chiller that is ideal for use in industrial and laboratory settings. The FL11006 series provides a new generation of chillers for common cooling tasks. The PID control has a temperature stability of 0.5°C. All Julabo FL11006 units include a splash-proof keypad with LED temperature indication and are simple to clean. Circulation is provided to exterior applications via the Julabo FL11006 centrifugal pressure pump. cooled by both air and water. A pressure adjustment internal bypass is included in units with 3 and 6-bar pumps. Circuit pressure is displayed by the analog pressure gauge on the front of the device. The operation manual or other installation-related documentation is kept in a file on another hinged tray. The condenser can be cleaned easily thanks to the detachable venting grid, and the drain tap is conveniently located behind the grid. Every model has a level indicator that is visible. Another benefit is that the venting apertures are on the front and back of the units, allowing them to be put side by side.