Julight VSM 1000-EXT Laser Vibrometer

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The Julight VSM 1000-EXT Laser Vibrometer allows easy and precise vibration measurements, without contact, on all rough and diffusive surfaces. The Julight VSM 1000-EXT provides an analog electrical output which is a replica of the target displacement or velocity, in an extended frequency range from DC to 3 MHz (in two separate bands: 0-50 kHz and 20 kHz-3 MHz).

The Julight VSM 1000-EXT Laser Vibrometers are based on the novel self– mixing interferometric scheme and make use of a compact semiconductor diode laser. While conventional Laser Doppler Vibrometers/Velocimeters use the complex Michelson interferometric configuration, the self–mixing scheme in the VSM is based on the coherent interference of the backscattered light directly into the laser diode, allowing for a reduced optics count. Julight Laser Vibrometers have a high sensitivity, which allows correct operation even for weak intensities of the light backscattered by the diffusive target surface.