Kaelus iVA-9627A Cable and Antenna Analyzer

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The Kaelus iVA-9627A Cable and Antenna Analyzer is a software option that adds Transmission Mode measurement capability to the iVA Cable and Antenna Analyzer. The iVATMA includes all the existing features of the base iVA model, plus a suite of multi-port Transmission testing options. Transmission mode enables the Kaelus iVA-9627A two or more iVAs to operate in a coordinated fashion to perform accurate swept insertion loss, antenna isolation and antenna radiation pattern measurements.

With a 6 iVA configuration, the Kaelus iVA-9627A Cable and Analyzer can be used to perform measurements on a multi-port antenna. 6 iVAs with Transmission mode can be used to perform measurements on a multi-port antenna. This configuration covers all 36 transmission pathways (6x6), including return loss at each port (6 measurements) and the transmission loss between each possible pair of ports (30 measurements). Transmission mode requires 2 or more iVA-TMA analyzers.