Keithley 181 Digital Nanovoltmeter

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Keithley 181 Digital Nanovoltmeter
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Keithley 181 Digital Nanovoltmeter Keithley 181 Digital Nanovoltmeter
Keithley 181
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Manual 181 Datasheet
2mV-1kV FS Nanovoltmeter, 10nV Sensitivity
Keithley 181 Features
  • 10nV sensitivity
  • 10nV/°C stability
  • Analog output
  • 6½-digit resolution
  • Fully programmable
  • Standard IEEE-488 interface
  • Push-button zero
Keithley 181 Specs
Display Seven 0.5" LED digits with appropriate decimal point and polarity
Input Capacitance 5000pF on mV ranges
Settling Time 0.5s to within 25 counts of final reading with Filter on, Damping off
Filter 3-pole digital; RC = 0.5, 1, or 2 seconds depending on range
Conversion Speed 4 readings/second
Analog Output Accuracy: ± (0.15% of displayed reading = 1mV). Time Constant: 400ms Level: +2V full scale on all ranges; x1 or x1000 gain.
Overload Indication Display indicates polarity and OFLO
Analog Output ±2V full scale on all ranges
Isolation Input LO to Output LO or power line ground: 1400V peak
Input Connectors Special low thermal for 200mV and lower ranges. Binding posts for 2V to 1000V ranges

DC Volts

vRange 5½-Digit Resolution
2 mV 10 nV
20 mV 100 nV
200 mV 1 µV
2 V 10 µV
20 V 100 µV
200 V 1 mV
1000 V 10 mV