Keithley 247 3 kV DC Power

Keithley 247 3 kV DC Power
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Output: Voltage: 0 to 3kv DC.
Current: 6mA DC maximum.
Polarity: Positive or negative with respect to chassis
Accuracy: (18°-28°C): +/- (0.25% of setting + 1.5V DC) from 1% to 100% of maximum output voltage
Resolution: Dial graduations of 200mV
Stability: +/-0.01% of setting/hr.; +/-0.02% of setting/8 hrs., at constant temperature after 8 hour warm-up
Temperature Coefficient: (0° - 18°C & 28° - 50°C) +/-50ppm/°C
Line Regulation: 0.00l% voltage change for 10% line variation
Load Regulation: 0.005% voltage change from no load to full load
Ripple & Noise: 3.5mVrms, l0mV p-p @ 3kV, 6mA; 1mVrms, 3mV p-p @1kV, 1mA. 10Hz - 100kHz
Settling Time: 4 seconds to within 1V with full resistive load
Overload Protection: Short circuit proof, arc protected. self restoring
Meter: Monitors voltage output
Environment: Operating: 0° to 50°, 0 to 80% relative humidity up to 35°C
Storage: -40° to 75°C
Connector: Rear panel, MHV Type UG-931 /U
Power: 90 - 127V / 180 - 254V, 50 - 60Hz, 130VA.