Keithley 410C Picoammeter

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Keithley 410C Picoammeter
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Keithley 410C
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0.3pA Full Scale to 1.0mA Pico Amp Meter
Keithley 410C Specs
Range 3 x 10-13 ampere full scale to 10-3 ampere in twenty 1x and 3x ranges, positive or negative currents
Offset Current: Less than 10-14 ampere
Input Voltage Drop: Less than 1 millivolt for full-scale meter deflection on any range when properly zeroed
Effective Input Resistance: Less than 1 ohm on 10-3 ampere range, increasing to less than 3 x 109 ohms on 3 x 10-13 ampere range
Recorder Output: ±1 volt or 1 milliampere for full-scale meter deflection
Connectors: Input: Teflon-insulated UHF type