Keithley 7001 High Density Switch System

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Keithley 7001 High Density Switch System
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Keithley 7001
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7001 Datasheet Specifications
The 7001 is a half-rack, high-density, two-slot mainframe with the highest density switching of any half-rack mainframe in the test and measurement market. Built-in scan control eliminates the need for the computer to control every step of the test procedure. Simply program the 7001 to control channel spacing, scan spacing, and the number of scans. A built-in non-volatile memory stores up to 100 complete switch patterns. You can include these memory locations as part of the scan list.
Keithley 7001 Specs

Capacity: 2 plug-in cards per mainframe.

Memory: Battery backed-up storage for 100 switch patterns.

Switch Settling Time: Automatically selected by the mainframe for each card. Additional time from 0 to 99999.999 seconds can be added in 1ms increments.

Trigger Sources:

External Trigger (TTL-compatible, programmable edge, 600ns mini-mum pulse, rear panel BNC).
IEEE-488 bus (GET, *TRG)
Trigger Link
Manual (front panel)
Internal Timer, programmable from 1ms to 99999.999 seconds in 1ms increments.

Status Output: Channel Ready (TTL-compatible signal, rear panel BNC). Low going pulse (10µs typical) issued after relay settling time. For two different switch cards, 7001 will be set to the slowest relay settling time.

Switching Sequence: Automatic break-before-make.

Mainframe Digital I/O: 4 open-collector outputs (30V maximum pull up voltage, 100mA maximum sink current, 10 output impedance), 1 TTL compatible input, 1 common.

Relay Drive: 700mA maximum for both card slots.

Card Compatibility: Fully compatible with all 7XXX cards.