Kepco BHK-MG Series DC High Voltage Power Supplies

Rent Kepco BHK-MG Series DC High Voltage Power Supplies
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Kepco BHK-MG
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The Kepco BHK-MG Series DC High Voltage Power Supplies are designed for bench or rack mount use with both front and rear output terminals. Two operating modes are available: conventionally filtered (slow mode) for use as a fixed or slowly varied voltage source. In this mode, the output capacitor provides excellent energy storage to support transient loads. A fast mode is also available. In fast mode, the output capacitor is disconnected and the power supply depends on its fastresponding feedback loop to suppress ripple and noise. Fast mode is ideal for operation as a current source or as a rapidly programmed voltage source where the energy storage of a conventional output capacitor would inhibit the output voltage’s agility.


  • Two sizes: half-rack 40 watts, full-rack 200 watts.
  • FET output stage.
  • Conventional filtering or fast response.
  • Fast analog programming mode.
  • Rapid recovery current mode in fast mode.
  • Local control from panel-mounted keypad.
  • Built-in GPIB, IEEE 488.2, 12 bits.
  • Support for SCPI language.
  • 2-line 16 character LCD display.
  • Full read back of voltage and current on the bus.
  • Increased resolution and accuracy (x10) for reading small current.
  • Versatile output on/off port (40W only).
  • Extensive protection circuitry.


Model Volts mA Maximum Output Power
40 Watt Half Rack
BHK 300-130MG 0-300 V 0-130 mA 39 W
BHK 500-80MG 0-500 V 0-80 mA 40 W
BHK 1000-40MG 0-1000 V 0-40 mA 40 W
BHK 2000-20MG 0-2000 V 0-20 mA 40 W
200 Watt Full Rack
BHK 300-0.6MG 0-300 V 0-600 mA 180 W
0-60 mA 18 W
BHK 500-0.4MG 0-500 V 0-400 mA 200 W
0-40 mA 20 W
BHK 1000-0.2MG 0-1000 V 0-200 mA 200 W
0-20 mA 20 W
BHK 2000-0.1MG 0-2000 V 0-100 mA 200 W
0-10 mA 20 W