Kepco KLP Series DC Power Supplies 1200 W

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Using high-frequency switch-mode topology for high efficiency and small size, the Kepco KLP Series DC Power Supplies 1200 W provides well-regulated, controllable d-c power in a 1U (1.75 inch high) by 19 inch rack-mountable package. KLP replaces the need for multiple power supplies by expanding the operating region. The breakthrough of a hyperbolic power limit delivers a full 1200 Watts over an expanded operating range, not just the conventional rectangular operating area.
Model Rated Voltage Range Rated Current Range
KLP 10-150 0-10V 0-150A
KLP 20-120 0-20V 0-120A
KLP 36-60 0-36V 0-60A
KLP 75-33 0-75V 0-33.3A
KLP 150-16 0-150V 0-16A
KLP 300-8 0-300V 0-8A
KLP 600-4 0-600V 0-4A