Keyence VR-5100 3D Profilometer System

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The Keyence VR-5100 is a 3D imaging and measurement profilometer that offers a magnification of up to 160x. The VR-5100 is capable of measuring targets up to 1.97" tall including screws, electronic components, non-flat castings, and assembled products. Keyence designed the VR-5100 with a 3.63in x 3.39in stage that allows users to place multiple objects for simultaneous measurements, resulting in a decrease on time spent on data acquisition and analysis. To ensure the VR-5100 provides high measurement accuracy, the system uses a high-precision linear scale and a proprietary sensor. This process eliminates influence from various environmental factors such as temperature changes or tilting due to load weight. Each scan from the VR-5100 contains nearly 800,000 data points to help users to quickly visualize a surface in 3D and the unit's user-free measurement configuration means users can place an object without the need to worry about orientation. Simply place the sample on the VR-5100 stage, click a button to start the measurement process, and the unit automatically recognizes the width and height of the target to automatically set the optimal measurement range.