Keysight 1222A Dual Channel Oscilloscope

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Keysight Model 1222A dual channel 15 MHz oscilloscope is ahigh quality instrument with the performance necessary for a wide variety of applications. Features include a large 8 x I0 cm internal graticule for no-parallax measurements, 3% vertical attenuator accuracy, 4% horizontal accuracy, calibrated sweep times from 0.5 s/div to 0.l μs/div, dc coupling, automatic triggering, a sweep magnifier to expand the display up to ten times for detailed analysis, a pushbutton beam finder, X-Y display capability and TV Sync separator.

The ability to measure and compare input and output signals makes these oscilloscopes an excellent choice for basic electronic laboratories, service, production, and educational purposes. Model 1222A provides selection of automatic or normal triggering. Model 1222A also includes a delay line that allows viewing of the leading edge of the pulse that triggered a sweep. Measurements in the design and checkout of logic systems such as calculators and appliance controllers are easily made with the 1222A.