Keysight 16060A Transformer Text Fixture, DC to 100kHz

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16060A Transformer Text Fixture
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Keysight 16060A
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The 16060A provides a convenient means of measuring a transformers self-inductance, mutual inductance, turns-ratio, and dc resistance in the frequency range of dc to 100kHz, as appropriate for each measurement.

The 16060A has been designed to operate specifically with Option 001 "Add N/M/DC-R Measurement Function" of 4263A LCR Meter.

Keysight 16060A Specs
Measurements Parameter L, N, M, and DCR
Frequency Range DC to 100 kHz
Applicable Instrument 4263A with Option 001
Weight 300 g
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
Operating Humidity 95% RH (@40°C)
Non-operating Temperature -40 to 70°C
Non-operating Humidity ≤95% RH (@65°C