HP Agilent 16532A Digitizing Oscilloscope

HP/Agilent 16532A Digitizing Oscilloscope
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The HP 16532A Oscilloscope Module is a 1 GSa/s digitizing oscilloscope. Some of the main features are:



  • 1 GSa/s digitizing for 250 MHz bandwidth single shot analysis.
  • 8000 samples per channel.
  • Automatic pulse parameters, displays time between markers, acquires until specified time between markers is captured, performs statistical analysis on time between markers.
  • Lightweight miniprobes.



Type: 2-channel simultaneous acquisition
Bandwidth dc to 250 MHz (real time, dc-coupled)
Maximum Sample Rate: 1 Gigasample per second
Number of Channels: 2, 4, 6, 8 simultaneous channels using the same time base setting(s)
Up to 10 channels with independent time bases for each pair of channels.
Up to 18 channels with the HP 16501A Expansion Frame.
Rise Time( 1.4 ns
ADC: 8-bit real time
Vertical Resolution: 8 bits over 4 vertical divisions (± 0.4%)
Voltage Measurement Accuracy(* ± [(1.5% of full scale + offset accuracy) + (0.008 x V/div)]
Trigger Sensitivity(* dc to 50 MHz: 0.063 x full scale, 50 to 250 MHz: 0.125 x full scale
Input Coupling: 1 MΩ: ac and dc, 50 Ω: dc only
Input R (selectable) 1 M Ω: ± 1%, 50 Ω: ± 1%
Input C: Approximately 7 pF