16555A Logic Analyzer

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16555A Logic Analyzer 110 MHz
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Keysight 16555A
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The 16555A/D is a 110-MHz State/500-MHz Timing Logic Analyzer module for the Keysight 16500B/C Logic Analysis Systems. The 16555A/D offers high performance measurement capability. The 16555D has twice the memory depth of the 16555A.
Keysight 16555A Features
  • 110-MHz state and 500-MHz timing acquisition speed.
  • 64 data channels/4 clocks expandable to 200 data/4 clock channels.
  • Lightweight passive probes for easy hookup and compatibility with previous HP logic analyzers and preprocessors.
  • HP-IB and RS-232-C interface for programming and hard copy printouts.
  • Variable setup/hold time, 3.5-ns window.
  • External arming to and from other modules through the intermodule bus.
  • 1-M deep memory on all channels with 2 Mbytes in half-channel modes.
  • Marker measurements.
  • 12 levels of trigger sequencing for state and 10 levels of sequential triggering for Timing.
  • Both state and timing analyzers can use 10 pattern resource terms, two range terms, and two timer/counters to qualify and trigger on data. The timing analyzer also has two edge terms available.
  • Time (8-ns resolution) and number-of-qualified-states tagging.
  • Full programmability.
  • Mixed State/Timing and State/State (interleaved) display.
  • Waveform display.
Keysight 16555A Specs
Maximum State Speed 110 MHz
Minimum Master-to-Master Clock Time 9.09 ns
Minimum State Clock Pulse Width 3.5 ns
Threshold Accuracy ± (100 mV + 3% of threshold setting)