Keysight 1664A, 34 Channel Logic Analyzer

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HP/Agilent 1664A 34 Channel Logic Analyzer
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Keysight 1664A
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500 MHz 34 Ch Timing Logic Analyzer
Keysight 1664A Features
  • Features to bridge the hardware and software worlds
  • Broad microprocessor support with source code linking
  • 5 modes of timing analysis to capture different kinds of data
  • 34 state and timing channels
  • 50 MHz state analysis with 2 state clocks/qualifiers
  • Resolution down to 2 ns
  • Captures data bursts separated by long time periods
  • Suited for programmable logic and 8-bit microprocessor systems
  • RS232 and GPIB interfaces
  • Speed documentation with screen image and data files in standard formats
Keysight 1664A Specs
  • State and timing channels: 34
  • State analysis speed: 50 MHz in all modes
  • State/Timing Memory Depth: 4K samples on all channels, 8K samples on half channels (state analysis depth is halved when time tags are turned on)
  • Setup/Hold Time: 3.5/0 ns to 0/3.5 ns adjustable in 500-ps increments
  • Timing analysis:
    Conventional: 250 MHz all channels, 500 MHz half channels
    Transitional: 125 MHz all channels, 250 MHz half channels
    Glitch: 125 MHz half channels
  • Minimum Detectable Glitch Width: 3.5 ns
  • Probe Input R & C: 100KΩ and ~ 8 pF
  • Trigger Resources
    Patterns: 10
    Edge and Glitch Terms: 2
    Ranges: 2
    Timers: 2
  • Trigger Sequence Levels: 12 with state analysis and 10 with timing analysis
  • Trigger Macros: 23 predefined trigger sequences with graphical representations and plain language descriptions
  • Mass Storage: 1.44 MB floppy drive
  • OS Boot Method: 1.44 MB floppy drive