Keysight 16716A Timing and State Module

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16716A 167 Timing and State Module 167 MHz
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Keysight 16716A
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The Keysight Technologies 16716A 167 MHz State/2 GHz Timing Zoom logic analyzer offers 512K deep memory and very fast sample rates - up to 2 GHz for areas around the trigger - with up to 340 channels.
Keysight 16716A Features
  • 167MHz state
  • 667MHz timing
  • 512K memory
  • 68 channels per module
  • 2GHz Timing Zoom
Keysight 16716A Specs
Number of Channels State/Timing 68Ch
State Speed/Timing Speed 333MHz to 667MHz
State/Timing Memory Depth 512Mb
Type Module
Type Module Maximum Conventional Timing Rate 333MHz
Maximum Conventional Timing Rate(half Ch 667MHz
Memory Depth/Channel-Normal 512KB
Memory/Channel Half-Channel Mode 1MB
Channel to Channel Delay 1.5ns