Keysight 200CD Audio Oscillator, 5Hz - 600kHz

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HP/Agilent 200CD Audio Generator, 5 Hz - 600 KHz
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HP/Agilent 200CD Audio Generator, 5 Hz - 600 KHz HP/Agilent 200CD Audio Generator, 5 Hz - 600 KHz
Keysight 200CD
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The Keysight 200CD provides stable, high quality signals for a wide variety of applications. It features low distortion, excellent flatness and large, well-calibrated dials. Low-impedance operating levels together with superior insulation guarantee peak performance throughout years of trouble free service. This instrument has a wide frequency range and long dial lengths and feature an improved vernier frequency control. Operation is simplified - just three controls are required.

The 200 CD covers the range of 5 Hz to 600 kHz in five overlapping decade bands. Accurate frequency is provided by 112 dial divisions and an effective scale length of 78 inches; a vernier drive allows precise adjustment. It gives a maximum sinewave output of at least 10 V across its rated load of 600Ω and at least 20 V open circuit. Its distortion rating is very low, < 0.2% from 20 Hz to 200kHz. A special feature of the 200CD is that its waveform purity does not depend on load.

Keysight 200CD Specs
Frequency range: 5 Hz to 600 kHz (5 bands)
Dial accuracy: ±2%
Flatness (1 kHz, ref.): ±1 dB
Output voltage: (600 ohm load) 10 V RMS (> 160 mW; (open circuit) 20 V RMS
Output impedance: 600 ohms
Attenuator: Continuously variable
Distortion: (5Hz to 20Hz) <0.5%; (20Hz to 200kHz) <0.2%; (200kHz to 600kHz) <0.5%
Hum and noise voltage: <0.1% of rated output
Balance: <0.1% at lower frequencies approximately 1% at higher frequencies