Keysight 3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator

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 HP Agilent 3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator
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Keysight 3325A
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Manual 3325A Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Keysight 3325B offers true synthesizer performance for demanding applications. Frequency range of the sinewave output is 1 μHz to 20.999 MHz with resolution of 1μHz. A Sync/Trigger output provides TTL-compatible signals with μHz resolution from DC to 60 MHz, Sinewave distortion is better than - 65 dBc to 50 kHz.
Keysight 3325A Specs
Waveforms: Sine, square, triangle, negative and positive ramps



Main Signal Output (all waveforms)


Sine-wave Spectral Purity
Phase Noise: -60 dB for a 30 kHz band centered on a 20 MHz carrier with high-stability Option 001 installed.


  • Fully-synthesized microhertz resolution
  • Functions: sine, square, triangle, ramps, arbs, dc offset
  • Internal programmable modulation source
  • LOG, LIN, discrete sweep
  • Excellent signal purity
  • DC to MHz sync output
  • Range
    Sine: 1μHz to 20.999 999 999 MHz
    Square: 1μHz to 10.999 999 999 MHz
    Triangle: 1μHz to 10.999 999 999 kHz
  • Resolution: 1μHz < 100 kHz; 1 mHz ≥ 100 kHz
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Connector: BNC; switchable to front or rear panel
  • Range: 1 mV to 10V p-p in 8 amplitude ranges, 1-3-10 sequences (10 dB steps), into 50 ohm load
  • Units displayed
  • Peak-peak rms dBm (50 ohm)