Keysight 4265B Universal Bridge

4265B Universal Bridge
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This Universal Bridge provides an economical way to make high precision measurements of L, C, or R and D or Q.


  • Components can be measured in the ranges of 0.1 µH to 1111 H in inductance.
  • 0.1pF to 1111µF in capacitance.
  • 0.1mohm to 1.111Mohms in resistance with full four-digit in-line display.
  • Basic measurement accuracy is 0.2% of reading for L, C and R.
  • Measurement frequency range is 50Hz to 10kHz with an external oscillator, and 1kHz with internal oscillator.


Frequency Range 50Hz to 10KHz
Capacitance 0.1pF to 1111µF